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Microcapex is the CSR arm of a global consortium managed by HPA Resources AB. We are connecting Governments and companies with tailor-made solutions, adding value locally by providing microloans through our CSR operations in different African countries.

Our Corporate social responsibility...

As a part of our strive to social development, our corporate social responsibility is focused on endorsing small entrepreneurs, women and local communities in development countries. Big projects locations mean resettlement of local people that we see the need to create our CSR lending backed partly by using a fraction of project investment money and crowdfunding to support those been uprooted and relocated.

We provide corporate social responsibility micro lending with zero stress to small businesses in times of urgent needs expanding their small businesses. Women in developing countries are the backbone of the families. With your help they can start or expand their small businesses and not only provide to their families, but also improve the basic needs of their families for health and access to education for both girls and buys. This initiative his geared towards ensuring a sustainable future and financial security and wellbeing in urban as well as rural communities.

A financial organization engaged in the Microfinance Business of Money Lending and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria. The organization was created with the objective of providing micro credits to people that would otherwise not qualify for a bank loan. In simple terms, it is safe to refer to Microcapex as a financial body you run to in times when the bank isn't an option. Microcapex without any boast, expresses her joy and fulfilment in the over 1000+ lives already touched with her micro credits given across to Civil servants, Business owners amongst other happy beneficiaries.

Billions of people around the world are unbanked and lack assets which denies them a possibility to borrow money from a bank. Together with your help we provide them an alternative to do what they otherwise would not have access to from ordinary bank structures.

Impact Funding

Microcapex also facilitates investment financing for financial and non financial institutions. Focusing on impact fund from sovereign funds around the world. The projects we facilitate financing for are primarily in agriculture, sustainable energy project as well as critical infrastructure.
For financial and micro financial institutions we facilitate expansion of micro lending for traders and mobile money infrastructure.


Into this engagement we encourage and endorse our partners as well as other companies, associations and individuals to join us by participating in our CSR endeavours through microloans.
Please contact Microcapex to know more in how to participating by contacting or visiting any of our offices.

Pre-owned Powerplant Conversion projects

Microcapex and its consortium partners are currently engaged in a massive drive to secure pre-owned powerplant for conversion and transfer to African Countries. Our basic plan is to encourage energy producing companies to stop demolishing their old powerplants and instead donate it to our consortium for conversion and deployment in Countries with critical energy needs.

Demolition of these plants cost the owners millions and we would rather have them save that money while contributing to the wellbeing of people in developing countries. These contribution includes but not limited to ensuring that the industries and small businesses will become more productive by running more efficient operations.

Most businesses in most destination countries for these converted power plants waste 60% of their revenues on Diesel and maintenance of their power generators. These includes banks, manufacturing companies, Hotels and so on. Most of these organizations still must pay the local grid operators a monthly fixed electricity payment for which in most cases they receive receive little or no electricity months after month and year after year.

These excessive burden impedes expansion and growth and if they cannot grow the business they are unlikely to higher additional manpower. With these power plant contributions the hope is that we shall be able to create a cluster for Captive power generation to deliver cheaper electricity to regions where they are lacking. Most of our destination countries already posses enormous amount of Natural gas reserves within their territories which is the reason why we convert Non Gas fired power plants to use Natural Gas as feedstock.

Natural gas conversions:

The electricity industry can theoretically switch to natural gas either by retrofitting and components replacements of existing coal-fired units to burn natural gas.

The environmental impacts of natural gas are better understood than those of biomass. Natural gas combustion produces almost 45 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions than coal, emits lower levels of nitrogen oxides and particulates, and produces virtually no sulfur dioxide and mercury emissions. The lower levels of these emissions mean that the use of natural gas does not contribute significantly to smog or acid rain formation. In addition, because natural gas boilers do not need the scrubbers required by coal-fired power plants to reduce SO2 emissions, natural gas plants create much less toxic sludge.

However, natural gas is still a fossil fuel. Although its carbon content is lower than that of coal,. As with biofuels, many environmentalists do not see natural gas as a long term solution. In July 2009, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published a column acknowledging the "environmental caveats" that come with converting coal plants to natural gas. He and other environmental advocates, however, do support natural gas as a short-term solution to reduce the environmental burden of coal until renewable solar, wind, and geothermal technologies can be implemented to their full potential. We believe that Natural Gas is a transitional Fuel and therefore shall in the long term convert to mainly Biomass feedstock.

Biomass conversions:

The majority of conversion projects to date are centered on switching to biomass fuel sources. Biomass generally includes any organic material that is not a fossil fuel. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) defines biomass as "any plant-derived organic matter. Biomass available for energy on a sustainable basis includes herbaceous and woody energy crops, agricultural food and feed crops, agricultural crop wastes and residues, wood wastes and residues, aquatic plants, and other waste materials including some municipal wastes."

Support for biomass within the environmental community is mixed, and there are no easy generalizations about its environmental pluses and minuses. Supporters identify biomass as an improvement over coal, touting benefits that include significant reductions in the emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and mercury. In addition, biomass materials are often described as "carbon-neutral," because they release the same amount of carbon when burned as they remove from the atmosphere while growing. In theory, the CO2 released during the combustion of biomass materials will be recaptured by the growth of these same materials, creating what is described as a "closed-carbon cycle". Fossil fuels, by contrast, emit vast quantities of carbon dioxide that were captured through photosynthesis millions of years ago and would otherwise remain trapped underground.

We are in the process of securing a 50 hectares of land in Nigeria, same in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Namibia and Guinea for Bamboo plantation geared towards our need for the Biomass in the future. As you know it takes years for a bamboo plantation to mature and we intend to follow the recommendations of experts regarding environmental protections at our locations where harvesting of bamboo are being carried out for our future biomass plants, including "requiring enough coarse woody debris is left on the ground, particularly at nutrient poor sites, to ensure continued soil productivity, as well as sufficient standing dead wildlife trees remain to promote biodiversity.”

New Partnership:

We have partnered with TC Energy Finance Corporation a United States Registered Entity which operates energy projects. TC Energy Finance was recently authorized to issue bonds to fund our joint business activities. With this partnership we have the capacity to secure up to $350.000. 000 in the short term.

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Many small business owners encounter lack of funds to expand their small businesses. If you are one of them, you may qualify for a microloan.
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