Our Services

Our Services...

We offer the capability to finance, design and construct. Following areas are included:

  • Exploration and mining equipment
  • Textile manufactoring
  • Managment of projects
  • Benefication plants
  • Agriculture
  • Power plants; brand new as well as pre-owned
  • CSR solutions
  • Commodity trading
  • Refineries/pipelines and storage
  • Mass-housing/infrastructure
  • Railways
  • Logistics
  • Shipping
  • Crude oil/fuel supply

With modular refineries, we establish scalable, independent and sustainable supply of countries petroleum needs. Our european manufactured refineries, are of high quality and with a financing solution togehter with local partnership, this is a optimalway for governments to control their own market domesticly and also offer them a export opportunity into neighboring countries.

We manage pre-owned power plants across Europe with the intention of financing, dismantling, transporting, converting and re-erection in developing countries for : an Extremely low price model comparing to acquiring a new power plant, Power plant that has the added benefit of still running while maintenance is preformed, Lower output rate for electricity produced, Time between purchase to commissioned and operational is significant faster, Flexible model of acquisition depending on the specific needs, More than 20-25 years of operational capacity, Highly reputable involved European and Chinese partners, Full ”all inclusive” package from bringing a financing model to owners operator, managing and maintaining the plant at a new location, and Full fuel supply and storage solution/package based on a supply contract.

Benefication and mining plants are established next to mine operations or in a industrial area. Equipment for mining of different minerals and metals are invested in togheter with local partnership with mine owners. Refining of the commodity is done locally as far as possible before export. This to ensure more profitable return locally and to create employments.
Offtakers in the consortium secures the export chain in Europe and Asia.
Example of plants/mining equipments could be:

  • Diamond mine plants
  • Diamond boiling and polishing facilities
  • Managment of projects
  • Coal to fuel plant
  • Cobalt refining plant
  • Mining equipment geared for copper, gold, coal etc.

In conjuinction with our engagment of developing the community, the consortium design, finance and constructs, masshousing projects, in different scales of houses and appartments, creating cities with all the needed facilities. With our mortage system we enable people to buy their houses with the local banks.
Other infrastructural projects can be added such:

  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Textile plants
  • Airports
  • Industrial buildings
  • Mass housing
  • Sport arenas
  • Railways
  • Maritime ports and Terminals
  • Hospitals

We create a sustainable future for people in developing countries.