We have developed a model for small business owners and entrepreneurs that enables them the ability to borrow short term loans directly or indrectly from our financial partners across EMEA and Asian pacific regions. Business owners in this cathegory can borrow a minimum of €3,000.


Under this model we are able to assist female traders to sustain their trade and handy craftmanships. These women in most cases are the bread winners in their direct families as well as their extended families. With as little as €100 their future and that of their dependants are truly transformed. Women in this cathegory are unbanked and are unable to borrow any money from financial institutions.


Civil Servants in developing countries face multiple challenges despite have a safe and secured employment with the government due following: (1.) Delays salaries payments. (2.) School fees and Family up keep.
As a result of the above these civil servants requires short-term bridge loans to enable them the ability to fulfill their responsibilities. Under this cathegory a parent can borrow a minimum of €300


Borrowers in this cathegory are parents that would like to secure a loan for the full academic year for their children. Size of loan depends on the school the children attends. Payments are then made directly to the school upon the signing of the agreement between Microcapex and the Parent(s)


Borrowers in this cathegory are livestock farmers like Poatry, Cattles, Goats and Sheeps. We also organize financing for Abattoir operators to expand their businesses. For Abattoir owners a business plan will be required. After careful evaluation of their business plans the loan amount can then be determined and agreed by the parties.


Under this program we organize green houses that produce fruits and vegitables. These green house can be installed by our European partners after 12 weeks. The size of Loan approved determines the size and capacity of the Green House installed.